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About Glynnis

Let me say right up front, I am one of those women who alphabetize their spices. Not because I’m a control freak (although my kids might disagree), but because I’m a busy woman who would rather be doing something else than sorting through 50 containers of spices and herbs looking for basil.

People often ask me how I do as much as I do. Part of it is because I’m just wired that way. But the biggest reason I can do a lot of things is that I try my very best to use my time and space as efficiently as possible. For me it’s a stewardship issue.

God has entrusted to me a certain amount of living space, time, energy, money and natural gifts and talents. He’s watching to see what I will do with those things. Will I squander them, leaving them cluttered and unused? Or will I invest them wisely and develop them to their fullest potential? The Bible tells us that once God sees He can trust someone, He gives them more to manage.

Getting organized is also key to living an obedient, God-honoring life. You see, when my schedule and home are out of control, I don’t think I can take on one more thing. So when God opens doors, I slam them shut … and walk away, muttering under my breath … this is ridiculous, I can’t handle one more thing!

However, when I’m managing my schedule, home and office to the best of my abilities, I am better prepared to walk through doors of opportunity and obedience. I will admit it’s a constant balancing act to keep every one of my priorities and commitments in their right place in my life. So I seek God’s help, and learn from others who are doing this much better than me.

If you’d like to read more about me personally, I invite you to visit my other blog, http://www.glynniswhitwer.com/. There you will discover I’m on staff with Proverbs 31 Ministries as the editor of the magazine, the “P31 Woman.” I’m also an author of three books, and co-author of four Bible studies.  My latest book is titled "I Used to Be So Organized."  Have you ever said that?  

But my greatest treasures are my family. I’ve been married to Tod for over 25 years, and we have five great children between the ages of 20 and 14.

I hope you enjoy my organizing tips. But more than that, I pray they help you become the women you want to be, by freeing you up from wasted time, energy and space.

In the process, I hope you have a lot of fun.