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Here are some of my favorite tips:

Five Things to Do Before Bed
  • Clean kitchen
  • Gather things to take to work/church/errands and put by front door
  • Make sure kids have what they need for school the next day
  • Pray for family
  • Read Bible

Five Ways to Make Your Mornings Run Smoothly
  • Have private devotion time
  • No screen time (tv, computer, etc)
  • Review your to-do list, and prioritize what needs to be done that day
  • Create a schedule for the morning and post where everyone can see
  • Sit and have breakfast with someone

Five Ways to Reduce Clutter
  • Clean kitchen as you cook
  • Put things away even if you’ll use them later in the day
  • Create a recycling/shredding center
  • Have a plan for used magazines
  • For every one item you buy, give one item away

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