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Monday, July 19, 2010

Creating a travel schedule

Welcome back to my series on organizing your travel.  With summer upon us, I thought it might be helpful to discuss some tips for organizing your vacations.

In this post, I have to give my husband, Tod, all the credit.  He is amazing.  I think he actually has missed his calling, and I'm encouraging him to consider a second career as a boutique travel agent in retirement. 

I've included a sample of how we organize some of our vacations.  This is actually the final schedule.  In the beginning, we put ideas for what we want to do.  Then, when we make a decision, we put a red "reserved" by the event.  We also will often indicate when we have paid in advance, or what we owe. 

This schedule was created in Word, using a table.  Very easy, even for me to figure out.

This can be adapted to any type of vacation.  You can include day plans and dinner plans - meals or movies.  I love that there are links to websites too. 

Hope this helps you get more out of your vacations.  If you prefer spontaneity, and feel constrained even reading this post, then ignore everything I've said above.  :-)

In His Love,



  1. Glynnis--Thanks for sharing your travel schedule with us! My hubby and I are wanting to go on a trip next fall, so your post has given us some great tips on how to get started. (We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary by roadtripping to the west coast. We haven't ever taken a trip that lasted for more than a few days, so your planning tips are truely helpful.)
    Thanks again!

    ps. I agree your hubby missed his calling:)

  2. My family is taking a trip to DC from Chicago. My daughter has multiple disabilities and is wheelchair bound and on a special diet which needs frequent feedings. Although your website doesn't address all those things, it was so helpful to put into a word document our itinerary and to put a folder together. We have to hold our plans loosely due to her needs, but it is so much fun to have ideas and information at our fingertips. I want to say thanks to you and your hubby for sharing your tips. It is helping us to have something to look forward to and to negotiate what we really want to do so we don't have to pound it all out on the spot. You say you are not creative, but I see God using your unique creativity to bless others. Keep on sharing!

    Thanks, Molly