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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Creating a welcoming front entrance

Does your front entrance need some sprucing up after winter?  Mine did.   Here are the three steps I took:

1)  Clean.   First sweep all extra dirt and cobwebs off surfaces.  Using hot water and cleanser, scrub away smudges and marks on solid surfaces.

2)  Patch and paint.  I had to repaint my front door and frame to cover up marks that wouldn't come out with scrubbing.  It only took the smallest can of paint to do it too. 

3)  Pretty it up.  This is my weekend project.  It's time to plant flowers in pots and hang out a springtime flag.  I'm also hanging up some new decorations by my door.

If you need a weekend project, take a look at your front entrance.   Does it say "welcome"?   If not, these three easy steps will make a difference. Maybe you don't have time to do all three.  Just pick one every few days and by Easter you'll get it done. 

Grace & Peace,



  1. I needed this for motivation. We don't use our front entrance very often and I kind of forget about how it looks from the street. I need to paint the front door too. I'm thinking red!