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Monday, January 9, 2012

Blogging to be continued on my personal site

It has come to my attention that I actually have limitations.  Who knew?  (smile)

After having the best, most optimistic, intentions to maintain two blogs, I have discovered in fact, that it is too much for me at this time in my life.  I held off on making this announcement in hopes that I could make it work, but I can't. 

And so, I'm temporarily suspending blogging at Her Organized Life.  However, the good news is that frees me up to post more on my personal site at www.GlynnisWhitwer.com. 

My passion is all things surrounding home, organization and productivity.  And so that's what I'll be writing about on my site.  Hopefully some day I'll have an assistant (that's my goal) and I can maintain two sites.  Until then, thank you for subscribing to Her Organized Life. 

If you haven't visited www.GlynnisWhitwer.com, today is a good day to start.  I'm hosting a 15-Day Clutter-Free Challenge and today is Day 1.  I hope to see you there.

Grace & Peace,


1 comment:

  1. Melinda from IllinoisJanuary 10, 2012 at 6:59 AM

    Hi! I just found this blog from a link you put SOMEWHERE! And I just wanted to let you know (like you really need MY permission???) that it's GREAT that you are saying no to this blog for right now! You have a great blog here...I looked around at other posts and was STILL able to find hints and help that I can use...even though you will be discontinuing it!

    You're example of saying no to this blog is what I need to follow. I have many interests and I've been saying "yes" to too many things lately and my life is cluttered. My family needs me to declutter, and that's why I'm taking your Clutter-Free challenge.

    Thanks, and Many Blessings to you!