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Monday, September 6, 2010

My Monday Menu

There are a few foundational practices in my life that make my life easier. In the top ten would have to be creating a weekly menu.  Knowing what I'm serving for dinner reduces stress.  Not only because I'm ready, but when I post the menu, my kids know and don't have to ask. 

So today, I'm posting my menu for the week.  I can't promise I'll always post it, but I'll try.  Before I do, I should say a few things:

1)  I always make a menu based on what's for sale that week.  So if chicken breasts are $1.77 a pound, you might find chicken more than once. 
2)  I like to try new recipes.  When possible, I'll provide a link to the recipe.  I've recently discovered the Betty Crocker site and love it. 
3)  I'm flexible.  I might abandon my planned dinner for leftovers ... or pizza if we have some extra money at the end of the week.  Then the meal gets carried over to the next week.

With that said, here's the menu for this week:

                Caesar Salad
                Peach cobbler

Monday:   Eggplant Parmesan
                Green beans

Tuesday:  Baked Cod  
                Spinach Stuffed Zuchinni

Thursday:  Chef Boyardee Pizza  (husband out of town and this is my favorite, which he doesn't like.)
                Add sauted Italian sausage, mushrooms and mozzerella cheese.
                Fruit salad

Friday:  Oven-baked ribs  (On sale for Labor Day:  buy one get two free)
            Corn on the cob
            Steamed brocolli

Saturday:    Pigs in a blanket   (hotdogs on sale too)
             Baked beans
             Cole slaw

Happy Eating!



  1. I make a weekly menu as well - it definitely makes life easier! It also cuts back on the grocery bills because I don't have to run to the store as often, buying extras beyond that night's dinner! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Right on! When our kiddos were living at home, we all sat together and created the weekly menu, shopping list and determined who would be the evening's cook each night. Great bonding, lots of creative meals, and one of the perks for the cook was no cleanup duty!
    An aside - our foreign exchange students all embraced this family affair with enthusiasm and it was a genuine blessing to us all!