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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I Used to Save

Years ago I saved anything I thought might be handy in the future.  Especially information on paper.  I saved every bill, every receipt, every note from the teacher, etc.   Just in case ...  don't you know?

Quickly I realized the paper I was trying to manage, was really managing me.  I spent way too much time trying to manage files and folders to keep all that stuff in.  In reality, there's not that much I need to save now.  So here are a few things I used to save, that now I don't.

Every credit card statement.                    

  •  I now shred everything. 
Every receipt for purchases                      
  •  I save doctor's appt., prescriptions & larger purchases with a warranty.
Bank statements                                        
  • After balancing my checkbook, I shred documents.  ** I use online banking, but double check my figures using the paper statement.
  • That's an entire post for Friday.

Children's schoolwork                             
  • Only items that reflect their unique personality, growth, strengths.
  • Recycle and have signed up for some online emails for my  favorite stores (Christopher and Banks, Coldwater Creek, etc).

What is your biggest paper challenge? 

Grace & Peace,



  1. I bought a shredder and went crazy! But afterwards had this panic that maybe I shred too much:-S Do you have a list of what is necessary to keep? I would love to go through all of our boxes of papers and know exactly what I can shred and what needs to be filed! Thank you for this blog...so glad I found it!

  2. Papers piled up is my problem too!! Mostly old bills because I don't know what I need to keep or throw away. We are getting ready to move and I am dreading taking all those papers with me....

  3. My biggest paper challenge is bills. With my husband being unemployed for 7 months, now he is back to work and we are playing catch up. :-)


  4. The daily Mail--bills,coupons, catalogs, my kids papers from school, articles I tear out of magazines to read, recipts, bills that are months/years old, photos, letters from my mother, to work from my job, that I hope to finish at home, everything dumped from my purse, to find keys, or coins, all gets lost in the piles. I drop and then we leave for sports, home to sleep....and I never get to the piles.