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Friday, October 29, 2010

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

I couldn't believe someone asked me this week if I was ready for Thanksgiving.  I like to be prepared, but I'm not that organized.  :-)

My response might have been described as a "guffaw" in some parts of the country.  Not at his question, but at my lack of preparation.   Normally, planning for Thanksgiving begins two weeks prior.  But thanks to that question, the thought is now well planted in my mind.

Why not start planning now?   It's a wise idea.  

One reason is the great sales in grocery stores.  If I had my menu ready, I could shop smartly and save money, spreading out my expenses.

Plus, I can pick up extras to help with the meal give-away at church.

Also, I love to get  pretty table decorations or unique placecards.   By starting now, I have time to research some ideas and get my children helping with the creativity.

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast? An egg strata?  Scones? 

What about activities for the rest of the day?  Games for the kids.  A morning hike.  Movie night in the post-turkey haze.  Helping serve at a homeless shelter.  Taking dinner to a shut-in from church.

All these things take planning. 

Maybe it's not too early to start planning for Thanksgiving.  I'll share some of my plans as they develop.

What are you planning for Thanksgiving this year?

Grace & Peace,



  1. Emily B. (emleepc@yahoo.com)October 29, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    Not totally sure what the extended family plans are yet (got to get on that!), but the day after is a big day too. We're hosting the Rivalry Party---Alabama versus Auburn football game. It's a big deal. We'll be having a big pot of homemade chili with some skillet cornbread (just like momma makes, of course). Everyone will be decked out in their teams colors, split down the middle, some with Orange and Blue, some with Crimson and White. No matter the outcome, it is always fun to have the family over!

  2. I would love to have my Thanksgiving planned right now BUT we are building a new house. We are right there in the middle of will we still be living in our rent house? Will we be in the process of moving in? Will we be settled by then? I really wish the answer would be that we would be completely settled by then but I don't think it will be.... :) I will however, start thinking about this a little more. Even if the festivities are not held at my new house, I do need to plan them.... Thanks for the little nudge. :)