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Monday, November 1, 2010

My Monday Menu

It's cooling down in my part of the country.  It dropped below 90 degrees, and I broke out the sweaters.  Brrr.   

If you don't know, I live in the Phoenix area, so that last comment was tongue-in-cheek.  Except for the sweater part.  Which is true.  My husband says I have a 2-degree comfort range.  It's really more like 5.

This week is my third week on Weight Watchers, so I'm trying to cut back on the fat in my menu.  I'm not the most aggressive dieter, so you'll also see some higher calorie menus as well.  On those days, I just cut back on my portions and eliminate the carbs when possible. 

Hamburger is on sale, so you'll see that a few times.

Here's what's on my menu this week:

Menu 1:    Soup night with homemade rolls
                 Split Pea and Ham
                 French Onion

Menu 2: Cabbage Rolls
               French bread

Menu 3:   Southwestern Burger
               Potato Salad
               Fresh Vegetable Platter

Menu 4: Broiled Tilapia with Tomato Caper Sauce
              Steamed Broccoli   

Menu 5:  Shrimp Fajitas
              Refried beans
              Fruit salad

Menu 6:  Chicken Tetrazzini
             Mixed vegetables

This week, three recipes are from BettyCrocker.com, and one from a new site I discovered called SkinnyTaste.com. I tend to choose recipes from one book or a website so I don't forget where I found them.  I also make a note to myself on the menu I post on the fridge.  Funny how I can forget that detail so easily.

Happy cooking!



  1. Thanks! The Southwestern Burger sounds yummy! I think I will have to try that. Also, when I click on the Cabbage Rolls, it links me back to the Southwestern Burgers. I'm sorry but I'm not real computer savvy...I may be doing something wrong! :) I just bought some shrimp from Schwans...I think I may make some shrimp fajitas. What all do you put in them? Thanks!

  2. Tasha - thanks for the note. I fixed the link. For the shrimp fajitas, I pan grill an assortment of peppers and onions, then add shrimp at the last minute. Season lightly with chili powder and cumin. Or a taco seasoning. Or just don't add any seasoning except salt and pepper, and season with salsa in the fajita.

  3. Thank You for the Tilapia recipe with tomato caper sauce, I made it this week, Delicious.