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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Make your stacks pretty

We all have stacks.  Stacks of magazines, bills, letters, etc.   Stacks on the counter, kitchen table, coffee table and entrance table. 

If you are going to have stacks, why not at least put them in something pretty until you can get to them. 


  • Have it match your decor.   (Rustic:  grapevine basket; Romantic:  floral boxes; Vintage: wire basket)
  • Don't make it too big or it will be a black hole.
  • Sort through it every week or two.
  • Get something with a lid if the sight of the stack bothers you.

Here are some ideas:

Vintage bread box


This I might have to hunt down and buy for myself.  It's made by Southern Enterprises and it's around $175.00.  Too cute!! You could put three big stacks in those drawers.

Nested Boxes from Victorian Trading Company

Vintage Soda Boxes from Pottery Barn

Covered basket from Crate & Barrel

You get the idea.  Stacks can be charmingly displayed until you can attend to them. Of course the danger is that you'll get complacent, and ignore them.

But you wouldn't do that.  (wink)

Grace & Peace,


1 comment:

  1. Thank you Glynnis! When moving into our new house I will keep this in mind. I can't stand those stacks of papers when they start piling up. Hopefully this will help. Thanks again!