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Friday, November 5, 2010

A simple tip for clearing clutter

When I feel overwhelmed with the clutter on my counter tops or dressers, I start at one end of the counter and work my way to the other side item by item.  I pick up one item and don't set it down until it's in its right place. 

That may mean walking to my bedroom or living room multiple times.  I know it makes more sense to gather everything belonging in the laundry room in one swoop.  Less trips equals a more efficient approach cleaning clutter.
But honestly, some times I can't manage that much efficiency.   My over-worked mind can't think that far ahead.  Plus, there is satisfaction in seeing immediate results, even if it's only 5 inches of clean counter.
Try this tip the next time you feel overwhelmed by the task in front of you ...    
  1. Pick a spot to start
  2. Move in a clockwise motion
  3. Stop when clean
Grace & Peace,


  1. A great tip. : )
    I am bad to look at the entire mess and get overwhelmed. And not too much gets done when I am overwhelmed. I need to remember to celebrate the small victories, even just 5 inches of clean counter. : )
    Have a blessed weekend, Glynnis!

  2. I get (easily) overwhelmed. I need these tips not only for the countertops but also for organizing the clutter in my life. Thats why the countertops at my house are so cluttered. I've been ignoring them and occupied with too many other things.

  3. I read your other blog and agree totally that experiencing greater clarity of thought by SIMPLIFYING your schedule ... someone else said that it is actually bad to try and multi task,,, cuz each thing done needs our full action in order to do each well, to the glory of God.
    tx 4 letting me share