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Friday, October 15, 2010

Put it in, not on.

How many times do I want to leave something on the dresser rather than in it?   Let me count the ways ...

Oh, it's too many to count.  Please forgive my pitiful attempt at an Elizabeth Barrett Browning reference.

As you try to overcome the clutter in your home and office, repeat this to yourself as often as necessary:

Put it in, not on.

  • Putting a plate in the cupboard is better than on the counter.
  • Putting a pot in the dishwasher is better than on the stove.
  • Hanging a robe in the closet is better than on the bed.
  • Replacing a book in the bookshelf is better than on the coffee table.

And it takes about 3-5 seconds more.

I think you've got my point.

Grace & Peace,


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