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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What do to with all those magazines?

I love my magazines.  It's no surprise, given I'm a magazine editor by profession.  If you didn't know that, please visit Proverbs 31 and click on "P31 Woman" for more info.

I love them so much, you might consider me a collector. 
My favorite magazines are:  Victoria, Romantic Homes, Southern Living, Home Companion (so sad that's not around any more), and anything to do with food. 

I look through them multiple times, then enjoy seeing them fanned out on my coffee table. 

They are idea festivals for my mind!  

As I continue the series on managing paper, I knew we had to address magazines.  Because if you are like me, it's hard to get rid of them.

When I have a plan, I find it easier to manage my magazines.   Here are some ways I've spread the love:

1)  Sent some to my children's schools for art projects.
2)  Donated some to the library.
3)  Carried a bag to family functions and shared them.
4)  Set some out at my small group meeting and given them to friends.

What's hard is when there is something in a magazine I want to keep.  I haven't known what to do with it. I do have a pocket folder for recipes I clip, but that's about it.  What about all those organizing and design ideas?  Party ideas?  Places I'd like to visit?  Holiday decorations?  Gift ideas?   What do I do with those?

I decided to create an "Idea Book" this week.  I went to Wal-mart and bought a 2" plastic binder with a plastic sleeve on the front for a cover.  I also bought some page protectors and a fresh glue stick.  For about $5.00 I'm ready to start working through my stacks.

As I grow my idea book, I'll create new sections with tabbed dividers.  Right now I know I'll have these:

Organization Ideas
Party Decorations
Gift ideas
Decorating ideas

Last night, I went through four magazines.  I was surprised that two of them didn't have anything in them I wanted to save.  Those are now in a bag to share at the next family event.   Two of them had one idea I clipped.  Those two will go to the school.  It surprised me there was so little I wanted to save.  Maybe this won't be so difficult after all. 

Sometimes just getting started is half the battle.  Hope this helps.

Grace & Peace,


  1. Over Labor day weekend, I recycled 2 years worth each of 4 or 5 magazines - most of them I hadn't read yet. It was a great relief though to not have them just sitting there piling up :) I love your suggestion though - maybe I can start that with the new magazines that come in :)

  2. I am totally doing this! That is a GREAT idea! I hold onto them for the very same reasons. Now I have a way to creatively deal with the clutter! I'm so happy I found this blog. :)