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Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 ideas to start preparing for Christmas

Target has their Christmas decorations up.  Starbucks is selling my favorite Gingerbread Lattes in a red cup.  It must be time to start planning for Christmas.

I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but there are few things I need to be doing now for Christmas.   Here are five things I'm going to do in the next week:

I created this form in Publisher, and keep it
in a binder, where prying eyes won't see.
1)  Order family photo prints for Christmas cards.   (Cards were purchased last year)

2)  Buy Christmas stamps. 

3)  Write year-end letter to go in cards.

4)  Start recording gifts purchased on my Christmas gift lists. And make lists of what  is left to buy.

  • A few years ago, I created a form to keep track of all the gifts I purchase for my friends and family.  It's tucked in a binder so I can add to it throughout the year, plus review what I give the years past. You can see it to the right.

5)  Plan now for gifts that need to be shipped out of state.  I have a neice in Australia, and those gifts need to be shipped soon.  Ship by December 6th.  Eekk - that's a week and a half.

If you'd like a master copy of my form, I'll send it to you.  Just send me an e-mail at editor@proverbs31.org, and make sure you let me know if you can accept it in Publisher, or if you need it in a PDF.

Grace & Peace,


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