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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time & stress management tips for the holidays

Everyone's schedule is ramping up about now.  Shopping, cooking, wrapping, card writing, decorating, parties, and the list goes on.    It's a joyous time that can turn stressful in a moment.

Here are few tips to help the next few weeks run smoothly.  I'll add more in the coming weeks.

*  Get up an hour earlier than usual for the next week.  Address your Christmas cards, wrap packages, or check emails when the house is quiet.

*  Buy stamps online.  (www.usps.com)  A slight delivery charge ($1.00) but worth it.  Here's the link to holiday stamps.

*  Use the USPS pick-up service.  You request it online at www.usps.com for the next business day.  You need to ship one Priority box to get the pick up.  The boxes are available free at the post office, by the way.  And you can print your label online, but you do need to know the weight.  If you ship multiple packages, it might be worth it to invest in a scale.   We ship Priority all the time for our business, and postage is almost always the same or only pennies more than parcel post.   

*  Sign up to receive emails from your favorite stores.  Everyone is offering discounts on shipping, or great sales, for online purchases. 

*  Shop first thing in the morning to avoid crowds.

*  Keep your gas tank above half to avoid stress.

I'll keep the tips coming.  Hope you are enjoying the start of December.

Grace & Peace,



  1. Thanks for the tips! It's so helpful to glean from others...and I appreciate your experiential wisdom!! :-)