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Monday, January 10, 2011

Creating an online recipe "book"

Since I'm often scouting new recipes on the Internet, I wanted a place to save all the delicious sounding recipes I find. In the past, I created a "Favorites" folder called "Recipes."   When I found a recipe that sounded good, I saved it in that folder.

This past weekend, I decided to add a second layer of organization to that folder and created subfolders for all the recipes I want to keep.  It was a lot of fun because I got to name the subfolders according to how I think - and assign recipes the same way. 

For example, instead of an "eggs" subcategory, I created "breakfast."   I also created one for "vegetables" and one for "vegetarian."  While they could contain similar recipes, I wouldn't put  grilled portabello mushroom burger with basil mayo in with coconut curry vegetables, since one is a main dish and one is a side.

If you have lots of recipes bookmarked, this could help bring order to your "Favorites."  And if you haven't saved recipes on the Internet, hopefully this will inspire you to start searching and saving great dinner ideas.

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