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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tackling a problem cabinet

Do you have a cabinet or cupboard that is overflowing?  Are you shoving bags on top of boxes on top of cans?  If so, here is an easy plan to clean that clutter.

1.  Pick one small area to clean.   Don't try to tackle your entire kitchen or laundry room at once.

2.  Remove every items from that space, and place on a table or counter.

3.  Clean space with warm, soapy water or appropriate cleanser.  Allow to thoroughly dry.

4.  Discard items that are too old for safe use, or are damaged.

5.  Re-purpose items you no longer want, but are still usable.   This could include donating, selling or giving away.

6.  Relocate items that belong elsewhere.

7.  Sort like items.  This step will help you identify duplicate items.  Plus, as you consider containerizing items, you'll see how much you need to store. 

8.  Containerize items before replacing.  This may involve a trip to the store for stacking baskets, wire shelving, or can holders.  Stacking containers make wise use of the vertical space you have.  For ideas, visit The Container Store website. Either order the products online - or if you are like me, go to Target or Walmart and buy them cheaper.  Measure your space first! 

Even the smallest spaces can benefit from this approach.  Don't neglect step two.  It may seen a bother, but it's critical.

Happy organizing!


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