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Friday, January 14, 2011

They're not yours to drag!

Recently I was having one of those overwhelmed moments.  Have you ever had those?  The ones when you feel like everything in your life is taking too much effort ... especially when other people are involved.

So I was grumbling to God about it all, and how it just seems like there are too many people who don't really want to get on board, and how can I drag them along and get them all on my bus???!!??  I've got to get things done, don't You know?

Then God said something quite profound to me.  He whispered it in my heart:

They're not yours to drag.

I thought about that awhile and realized I was waiting for people to respond and I didn't need to.  There are people who are on my bus, and I just need to move ahead with them.  I was allowing others to dictate my calling and the timing of my actions, and that was wrong. 

God's reminder really made a difference to me.  

Who is already on your team?  Identify those people and get going.  Don't let the nay-sayers or the feet-draggers hold you back.  There's always something you can be doing to move ahead in your calling.

Question:  Are you allowing others to hold you back?  What can you do to move ahead in your calling?

Grace & Peace,



  1. Hello

    This spoke to my heart as last year was to be a "year of excellence". One lesson I learned is that others don't want to work to achieve the same level of excellence as you. This, in turn, impedes MY level of excellence whether I like it or not. It causes resentment of them and a very critical spirit which judges harshly. Neither of these two negative aspects are ones that need to be in my life. I AM allowing others to hold me back and one is my spouse! This causes conflict because I want to be submissive and respectful as well as live up to God's potential for my life. These weights drag me down below the water line.

  2. Great post. Nice reminder for what we have going on in our lives right now.

  3. Hello Glynnis,

    This really spoke to my heart. This is the second time today God has encouraged me - once through Lysa's blog and now yours. I have for far too long allowed others to dictate the calling on my life and the timing of my actions as well. The Lord has been teaching me lately to trust Him even though those closest to me offer so many road blocks. This can be so disheartening when it comes from those you love most. Thank you very much for sharing this today.