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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little "spring cleaning" before & after

The temperature hit 80 degrees yesterday, and I got a bit of "spring cleaning" fever.  This winter, more than ever, I haven't felt like organizing any area of my home. That, added to the fact that I had a book due in December, meant that some areas got neglected. 

But now I feel like tackling some ignored spots in my house.  I'll try and take before and after pictures. Here's my first project:   the shelf over my washer and dryer.


It's obviously cluttered here.  On this one shelf I keep all my laundry supplies and most of my cleaning supplies.  When I had babies, I moved my cleaning supplies out of reach and they have never gone back.  Even though I don't have little ones now, I keep my home baby-safe in case I get a guest and forget. 

You can also see that I have a bulletin board by the back door for coupons.  These aren't grocery items, but mostly restaurant coupons.  The plastic bag holds miscellaneous gift cards.  I also put our library receipt here.


 Here's what I did:

  • Purchased stacking baskets at Walmart for $8.50.
  • Removed all items and cleaned shelf
  • Sorted items by area of use:  bathroom, carpet, laundry, general cleaning
  • Put small items in the lower basket, including dust rags
  • Put seldom-used items in the top basket 
  • Stored bathroom cleaning supplies in a separate basket for easy travel to that room
  • Replaced other products, keeping like items together
  • Removed expired coupons; recycled those
  • Cleaned tops of washer & dryer and walls

Another item that's up there, just not visible, is a cleaning check-list for the bathrooms.   Once I realized my children and I had very different opinions on what constituted a "clean" bathroom, I created a step-by-step list of what should be done, put it in a plastic page protector, and put that in a clipboard.  On Thursday, I'll show you what that looks like in case you'd like to create your own.

Do you have any tips on organizing a laundry room?  Please share.

Grace & Peace,


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