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Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to never lock your keys in your car again.

Do you ever walk out of the house in a hurry, then spend your entire day worrying if you remembered to turn off the oven?  Or the iron?   Or feed the cat? 

Perhaps one of the worst feelings of all is locking your keys in the car. 

Years ago I learned a memory trick that helps me immensely.  It's called "The Pause."  It's a simple trick that takes us off auto-pilot and engages us for just enough time to move something into our short-term memory. 

Here's how it works:  Say what you are doing out loud. 

For example, when I run an errand, as I'm getting out of the car, I say to myself with keys in my hand, "I've got my keys."  After years of doing this, sometimes I say it in my head.  But when I first started, I always said it out loud.

As I'm leaving the house, I might say to myself:   The oven is off.  or The dogs have water.  or The lights are off.  or I'm locking the door. 

Then, an hour later, when the thought pops into my head, "Did I turn off the oven?"  I remember what I've done.

Of course, the danger is people will think you are a little cuckoo by talking to yourself, but it's better than locking your keys in the car.

Grace & Peace,


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