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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Never forget a birthday

Even though I'm not a big birthday-party gal, I love it when someone remembers my birthday.  Even an email letting me know they are thinking of me makes my day.

So every year, I try to do the same for others.  I've tried a perpetual birthday calendar, but it's hard to keep that up-to-date when you've got lots of birthdays, or when people fall off your circle of acquaintances.

Since I'm a computer-based woman, I now use two ways to remember birthdays.  First is Birthday Alarm.  This is a free service that sends me reminders of upcoming birthdays.  I control how many reminders and when they are sent.

There's a minor problem with Birthday Alarm.  Not the program - but with me using the program.  Between the first and second reminders, I forget whether or not I sent something to the birthday person.  I could handle this by changing to one reminder, and deleting it when I've attended to it. But I've got a better plan in the works.

I'm now transitioning my birthday reminders to Outlook.  What I love about Outlook is I can set birthdays to repeat every year, plus also set a reminder.  I can make a note to myself what I sent and when I sent it.  And sync it all to my phone in case I'm travelling. 

Check back on Friday for my favorite things to receive and send for birthdays. 

Question:  What are your tips for remembering birthdays?

Grace & Peace,


1 comment:

  1. I use Outlook, too! The reminders are SO helpful. What I've done recently is I'll add to my calendar when to MAIL their card. It's not enough for me to know when their birthday is - I need to PLAN on sending out their gift and/or card. I love remembering birthdays!! :-)