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Monday, April 26, 2010

Saving With Coupons

Today I'm doing a radio interview with Moody Radio on using coupons.  If you've found your way to my blog because of that interview, I bid you welcome.

This is a new blog for me, so I don't have much information up yet.  But please check back as I'll be posting items weekly on pursuing a more ordered life.

I am a true-blue couponing girl.  But even though I use coupons regularly, I know I would be considered a novice by some.  My friend Trisha is truly a genius when it comes to using coupons.  I'll tell you more about that in a few paragraphs.

My couponing is very straightforward, and is connected with the meal planning I do weekly.   Once a week I sit down with the grocery store ads and my coupon organizer.  A quick review of my coupons reminds me of what I've got and what needs to be used before it expires. 

As I make my menu using key sale items, I match sale items with coupons.  It's that simple. The coupons are pulled out and put with my grocery list.   My coupon organizer goes with me to the store for items I might have missed in the ad. 

That's the key to using coupons:  Using them on sale items. 

The next step up

For those coupon users who are a step above me, there are websites that offer coupons.  If you've got a bit more time, these are incredible for saving even more money.   These amazing sites identify manufacturers coupons and provide links for you.  Here is are some you can explore:





About my friend Trish.  She told me about a program called CouponSense  (www.couponsense.com).  There is a charge for this program, and it might not benefit people in all parts of the country.  For about $15 a month, they will track all the local store ads and provide you with a list that match the lowest-priced products at your supermarket and drug stores like CVS, Walgreen's and Target with manufacturer coupons and weekly specials.  My friend's husband is a pastor, and so she is a wise steward of her time and money.  This program saved her hundreds of dollars on groceries.

Electronic Coupons

There's something new in the world of coupons.  They are electronic coupons.  Instead of clipping out a coupon, you go to a website, select which coupon you want to use, and it's loaded on your favorite store's VIP card.  Go to http://www.cellfire.com/ to learn more. 

Once you put a few simple practices into play, using coupons is easier than it looks. 

Remember a dollar saved is actually more than a dollar earned.  Because we pay taxes and tithe on money earned.  A dollar saved is a full dollar. 

Happy shopping.



  1. Would love to hear what you use for a coupon organizer.

  2. Time 2 Save here...Thanks for the shout out! I saw where you mentioned CouponSense. We actually provide the matchups for many stores absolutely free!! We are currently in Houston, TX working on filming webinars so women (& men) can learn how to take this whole couponing thing to a new level. Also, we want to help women be in a position to give to others and be the hands and feet of Christ.
    Time 2 Save
    Time 2 Give
    Time 4 Hope
    We really see this as a ministry. It's not just about getting a deal, rather making a difference. Something as simple as couponing can really change a family's finances and give them the tools to reach out to others.
    About organizing coupons, we have a great online tutorial that takes you step by step of setting up a binder. Here is a direct link - http://www.time2saveworkshops.com/2010/03/binder-tutorial-view-more-presentations.html

  3. I love coupons! I consider it a little part-time job. :)